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Our History


Birthplace: beneath a flood control dam near the mouth of Deer Canyon at the foot of Cucamonga Peak, on the southern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains, in western San Bernardino County.


Year: 1997. The beginning of what would soon become a protracted conflict over flood dangers, unsafe development, environmental degradation, corrupt backroom deals and lack of government accountability (all of which persist today).


The long battle's inciting incident was simple: With almost no public input, the city of Rancho Cucamonga greenlighted construction of a housing tract just below the Deer Creek flood control basin.


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Deer Creek: Fighting for Accountability


Over the next five years, CURE would spearhead a multi-faceted campaign for government accountability - a campaign that would ultimately expose the inherent dangers of imprudent, shortsighted land use decisions along the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. CURE brought together teams of engineers, water and flood control experts, citizen advocates, lobbyists, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and lawyers. They repeatedly disputed government officials' insistence that breeching the levee would not expose residents to potential floodwaters. 


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CURE's Work on Colorado River Issues

Colorado deltaCURE's Deer Creek campaign required allying with other public interest organizations like Defenders of Wildlife and the National Wildlife Federation. While helping CURE on Deer Creek, these organizations asked if CURE would help them on Colorado River environmental issues.

CURE wound up spending the next decade working on Colorado River-related water management issues. Its primary focus was documenting and challenging decisions that ignore the true consequences of the planned Imperial Valley to San Diego water transfers.


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Accomplishments of Deer Creek Struggle


The campaign CURE waged on the Deer Creek flood control basin did result in some substantial accomplishments. CURE played a leading role in raising public awareness about the safety hazards and environmental risks of building homes, schools and businesses in or near mountainside alluvial fans.


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CURE's Work Opposing the Water Deal

irrigationditchThe Colorado Delta proved to be only the tip of the iceberg. With the new century fast approaching, California was being forced to reduce its consumption of Colorado River water, and plans were soon underway to transfer huge volumes of water from the Imperial Valley to San Diego.


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