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In 2013, CURE participated in The Meeting of the Minds, a Riverside Stakeholder group consisting of City officials, property owners, farmers, local food advocates and others interested in preserving and enhancing the Arlington Heights Greenbelt.


That effort lead to the March 2014 Grow Riverside: Citrus and Beyond Conference. This exciting two-day program sponsored in part by CURE brought together more than 300 people, and addressed opportunities for local food production, transfer development credits, and environmental conservation and economic sustainability in the Greenbelt.


Toward this last goal, CURE has initiated the CURE Challenge -- to spark the interest of local high school and college students in developing a vision for the future. CURE also continues to work with the City of Riverside and others in implementing the many ideas that originated at the Grow Riverside Conference.


Take the CURE Challenge


The CURE Challenge is offering three scholarship awards: $1000, $500 and $250, to the three students who come up with the best strategies or land use plans to transform the future of local agriculture in Riverside by revitalizing the Arlington Heights Greenbelt.

The Challenge seeks creative strategies or land use plans that will revitalize the Greenbelt, improve and protect the environment, benefit the local community, and most important, that are economically viable.

The CURE Challenge is being offered to college and high school students and will serve as a grassroots program to engage youth creativity and entrepreneurship.


Who is Eligible?


Students enrolled full-time in a University, College, or High School.


How to Enter:


1. Like us on Facebook (top right of this page)


2. Study the INSTRUCTIONS.


4. ENTER the Challenge - and receive more information.





May 30                         Last date for entrants to submit their Strategy or Land Use Plan


June 25                                Awards Ceremony




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