Malissa McKeith Elected to Board of Urban Water Institute


... And Will Be Keynote Speaker at its Spring 2014 Conference


Malissa McKeith has been unanimously elected to the Board of the Urban Water Institute. The Institute is an educational non-profit dedicated to providing non-partisan information to the water resource industry, including public agencies and private firms. Its primary interests are water economics, management and resource policies as they affect consumers and the general economy.


CURE is a proud sponsor of the Institute’s upcoming Spring 2014 Conference, “Water: The Future Is Now!” scheduled for February 19-21, at the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel.


Malissa will be a keynote speaker at the conference. Malissa's address, which will conclude the conference program on Feb. 21, will focus on watershed management challenges connected with the fate of the Salton Sea, and will identify short- and long-term planning needed to sustain the region's economy and environment. 


Malissa brings a broad perspective to this issue, having served as the Governor's appointee to the Colorado River Board from 1997 to 2002. She also represented Mexicali and U.S. environment and business interests in suits opposing the lining of the All American Canal and challenging the QSA, based on the State's failure to abide by its obligations to restore the Sea. Malissa began her career in Imperial Valley representing Unocal on the first ever Geothermal development in the Valley. 



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