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Addressing the Economic Benefits of Holistic Planning

Imperial-SS in Distance-AirPhoto-225x142The flip side of exposing the long-term negative costs of development to help communities make better planning decisions is finding creative ways to monetize environmental assets to support local economies.


CURE is based in Riverside, California, once the citrus capital of the U.S., and now a city grappling with how to preserve 5,000 acres in its urban core set aside as a Greenbelt by voters in the 1970s.


CURE is participating in planning a March 2014 conference that will examine proposals to revitalize the Greenbelt, such as agri-tourism, urban gardens, Buy Local programs, and transfer development credits. (For a look at recommendations made in the late 1980s and late 1990s about the best ways to preserve and enhance the Greenbelt, click here and here.)


RiversideCA VictoriaAve-217x159CURE also has joined a consortium of land conservancies, universities, local growers and environmental organizations to develop economically and environmentally sustainable plans for The Greenbelt. CURE hopes this effort will generate proposals enabling other areas of the county to remain agricultural rather than be sold to meet California's apparently insatiable demand for new housing.


Citizens United for Resources and the Environment, Inc.

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