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CURE Welcomes Junior Advocates!

The Next Generation.  CURE welcomes Melissa Banales and Kanak Daga as Junior Advocates.  A native of Riverside, Melissa is the Robert Redford Fellow at Pitzer College and will focus on advancing urban farming and Salton Sea Restoration. Kanak Daga studies in Mumbai India and focuses on the economic impacts of international water disputes.

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Arman Gabay is a real estate developer and philanthropist.  His company has built in many underprivileged areas ordinarily avoided, and he was one of the first developers to build in South Central Los Angeles after the 1994 riots.  Arman recently opened the Gran Plaza in Calexico California and is expanding that center to build a water park.  In 2004, CURE funded Calexico’s only pool when the City could not afford to keep it open, and we subsequently helped the City purchase property in the hopes of building another pool.  With Arman’s help, CURE intends to continue its efforts to bring more water to the kids of Calexico to keep them from swimming in the All American Canal which has claimed the lives of many people due to rough currents.  THANK YOU ARMAN FOR ALL OF YOUR CONCERN AND HELP!