CURE promotes planning and resource management to equitably balance growth and economic stability with long-term conservation, public health and safety.
Our flagship projects include:




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Summer has been a busy time for CURE. We just returned from a CleanTech conference in Mexico City and thankfully missed the earthquake by days.  The conference focused on Mexico City’s water and energy opportunities. CURE’s panel addressed Mexico City’s worsening water crisis where millions of people go without potable water. Mexico and the U.S. also entered into a historic amendment the 1944 water treaty, whereby Mexico will store more of its Colorado River allotment in Lake Mead in return for monies to build desalination plans and better manage on-farm conservation.

flood zone.jpgNews over the past month has focused on the damage caused by several hurricanes.  The word “unpredictable” is too often used to describe that damage which couldn’t be further from the truth. CURE’s “After the Storm” project focuses on how cities allow construction in flood prone areas without requiring  flood insurance which “predictably” results in horrific consequences to families and a massive hit to the federal budget.  Stricter insurance requirements and better FEMA mapping of flood areas is needed before storms hit particularly given climate change.


The Salton Sea has been a big focus the past three months as the State tries to avoid its obligations to restore the Sea. Once again, the legislature has failed to appropriate any monies for the Sea except to approve a bond initiative that, even if passed, would bring only $200M to a problem estimated to cost $8.9 billion. CURE continues to raise visibility on these issues and to protest.


Agriculture.jpgCURE also continues to work with the Riverside Unified School District, the City of Riverside and the Riverside Food Systems Alliance on promoting agricultural and irrigation training for students and conserving open space for permaculture and organic farming.  We are working closely with other organizations on raising monies to take land into trust for permanent agricultural use.