Ag to Urban Water Transfers: Mitigating the Worst Consequences


Salton-SeaAfter decades of behind-the-scenes political maneuvering with scant public debate, and years of courtroom battles, in August 2013, the Imperial Valley to San Diego water transfer landmark agreement was again upheld. Despite this turn of events, there is now broad agreement that the true costs of the deal may be unacceptably high – unless a far-reaching mitigation plan is implemented.

IMG_5375_t658Several government entities and a wide range of community-based nonprofits are now faced with addressing the potentially severe environmental and health consequences stemming from the short-sighted water transfer agreement. READ MORE.

CURE will continue its efforts to collaborate with the Salton Sea Authority, the Imperial Irrigation District, the American Lung Association of California and other organizations and agencies committed to mitigating the impacts.