We accomplish our mission by:

  • Presenting independent research demonstrating that long-term economic security depends on decision-making that acknowledges the true consequences of growth and incorporates strategies to preserve open space, clean air and water, and protect wildlife habitat.
  • Opposing unsafe projects that deplete natural resources or expose communities to unhealthy or dangerous conditions, such as worsening air and water quality, exposure to toxic materials, or increased risk of flooding.
  • Promoting policies and projects that exemplify sustainable and balanced development.
  • Reducing corruption and undue influence in planning and decision-making by promoting greater transparency and stronger checks and balances, including improved disclosure and conflict of interest rules.

In addition, when citizen activism and lobbying prove ineffective, CURE sponsors litigation in support of our core values.

Much of CURE’s work has been based in the Inland Southern California counties of Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial, where increased urban growth, resource depletion and systemic poverty require urgent attention.  Nevertheless, CURE’s experience forming multidisciplinary alliances to resolve land use and resource controversies, and its expertise with impact litigation can readily be employed elsewhere.